Benefits of Teletherapy


Teletherapy offers convenience and flexibility. These services are available to clients in the comfort and privacy of their own home, office or remote location. Those who dread sitting in traffic or waiting in therapy offices can now feel at ease in a comfortable setting of their choice. Teletherapy eliminates the chance of running into people you may know at the therapy office.

Clients can still attend their teletherapy sessions, even when you are fighting the flu or virus that may be extremely contagious, teletherapy allows you to receive the mental health services they need without putting the health of others at risk. Teletherapy is also a great option for those who want to take extra precautions to not get sick.

 Communication between client and therapist is often made easier through teletherapy, which can ease relations and improve your overall experience. Possibly one of the greatest perks to teletherapy services is the access it offers for remote patients and disabled populations. 


Some communities do not have access to therapists. Teletherapy gives people in rural areas counseling options that they never had before. Additionally, people may have problems that need specialized assistance that they can’t find locally. Fortunately, teletherapy can help those people find someone who specializes in their issues online. 

 Effectiveness of Teletherapy 

Evidence has shown that teletherapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

Are You Covered?

Due to COVID-19, all insurance companies that I am in-network with are covering teletherapy sessions for all of their subscribers and dependents for the duration of the pandemic.

Who Can Benefit From Teletherapy?

  • People with disabilities who lack mobility to physically attend face to face counseling sessions and are able to work a keyboard or assistive technology.
  • People who have health conditions that would prevent them from attending therapy in-person (immunocompromised)
  • Those who live in isolated areas or have no access to mental health therapists
  • People who prefer to seek therapy outside of their community
  • People who are caretakers and unable to attend therapy sessions outside of the home
  • People who have varied work schedules and are unable to plan for appointments
  • People with anxiety , coping skills, depression, life transitions, school issues, and self-esteem
  • People who do not have access to direct public or private transportation services
  • College Students
  • People who don't feel comfortable or are unable to leave their home due to Covid-19:

If you are ready to learn more about online counseling, contact Calm Blue Waters Counseling at 980-689-1794 or you may email me at [email protected], or complete the contact form for a free online counseling consultation today.


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